Custom Duck Calls by Charles Smith
Making Migration a ONE-WAY Trip
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Recent Competition Results
1st 2014 World Championship Team Real Duck- J. Chiasson
1st 2013 World Championship Team Mallard- J. Chiasson
3rd 2013 World Championship Team Mallard
- Cheney/Smith
1st, 2nd, & 3rd 2013 Russian Duck Championship
1st 2013 Sportsman's Challenge 2 Man- Cahoon/Carlson
1st 2013 S.W. Challenge in the Utah Calling Circuit
1st 2012 World Team Real Duck - J. Chiasson
1st 2011 World Team Real Duck - J. Chiasson
1st 2011 Best of the West Live Duck
1st 2011 Snake River Open
1st 2011 Texas Challenge Mallard Meat
1st 2011 Texas Challenge Team Mallard- C. Johnson