Cadence Duck Calls had it's roots in a small, blazing hot garage in southeast Texas.  I
began building calls around 1998, but the name "Cadence" didn't arrive for a few years.
Working from that garage was okay with me, but my good friend Mike kept encouraging
me to make more out of the business.  I never dreamed it would become what it is now.

Today Cadence Duck Calls are used in points all across the globe, and they have a loyal
following.  It is great to know so many  have trusted these calls to build memories in the
field with their families and friends.  

I have spent years honing the design of these calls... calls I built from the ground
Put a Cadence Duck Call in your hand and you will see it is one of the best built,
best sounding calls on the market.

Thank you,                       
Charles Smith,