Custom Duck Calls
Wood and Stabilized Wood with Acrylic
UPDATED 1- 27 - 21
Custom Order book is closed.  
This is for full custom requests, and customer supplied material only.  
This does not include any calls listed as "available" or "Pre-made".  
Demands on my time have increased unexpectedly.
This requires that we better manage our time.  In an attempt to manage this and provide some
level of custom craftmanship to our customers we will be trying to maintain a small stock of
hand crafted calls rather than maintaining a backorder of  individual "one-off" orders and
juggling the ever-changing lead time .
It is possible a hand crafted call like you want may be available in stock.
All customers are welcome to contact us for updates.
If we do not answer the telephone,  
Please Leave a Message if you want us to call back!

Custom Pricing
All pricing with oil finish.
Bois D'arc, Burned Bois D'arc, Cocobolo (when available) $100
Wood with acrylic insert combo (NOT stabilized) $135
Acrylic barrel with wooden insert $135
Stabilized Wood with acrylic insert (when available) $135
Wooden calls are
not laser engraved, in order to better show the entire figure.
If you have questions, please contact by email.
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Stabilized Black Ash with Black Acrylic Insert
Texas Ebony
Bois d'arc
(Hedge or Osage)
African Blackwood
Cross Cut Bois D'arc
Stabilized Spalted Pecan with
African Blackwood Insert