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About the Owner of Cadence Duck Calls

In 1998, I made my first fully functional duck call. It was made on an old lathe, in the garage, during a blazing hot summer. At the time I had no idea where things would lead. With encouragement from both my wife Stacy and my good friend Mike, I began to accept orders for calls like the one I made for myself.


Soon, I had to move the operation into the barn for more room to work. Not long after that, we moved to a new town, and the orders had picked up enough that I had to build a dedicated call shop. That first call in 1998, had evolved into Cadence Duck Calls.


Cadence Duck Calls is now a full line of “small shop” duck calls, blending both machined and handmade models into a business with customers all across the world. It’s amazing to realize these calls bring in mallards in many countries across multiple continents.


Our duck calls are the result of over 25 years experience. Cadence Duck Calls is built around hands on design, customer service, and countless days using the calls in the field or on stage.


All of this combines to give our customers the best tools they can have to pursue their calling.

Listen to the duck calls

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